Insights extract meaning from data by creating visualisations that are intuitive to use and provide observations about the data. These Insights are original visualisations demonstrating the value in freight data. They have been generated using geo-spatial visualisation tools. They use a mix of new and existing freight data and demonstrate both the power and limitations of the data we already have.

The insights are interactive. You can use filters or zoom to areas of interest in a map.

(NEW) Truck movements by Local Government Areas

Where are trucks driving around Australia?

Explore a map of a small sample of trucks to see where they go by local government areas around Australia.

Aerial view of cars in traffic Cars stuck in traffic at an intersection Traffic Stock Photo


How is congestion impacting on freight flows in our major cities?

Explore a map of data reported by the trucks themselves as they travel on our major roads during the day and night.

Imports and Exports

What type of freight is moving into and out of Australia? Where has it come from and where is it going?

As imports and exports move through our ports and airports, customs data provides an insight into what is going where. Explore the origin and destination of different commodity types, the volume in tonnes and their value in dollars.

Shore crane loading containers in freight ship Shore crane loading containers in freight ship Container Stock Photo
Aerial view of parking lot with trucks. Aerial view of parking lot with trucks. Industrial background on transportation theme. Aerial View Stock Photo

Rest Areas

Which rest areas are trucks using the most?

See a 3D view of where a sample of freight trucks are stopping at rest areas on the road network, and what facilities can be found at each spot.

Volume versus Value

How much freight goes through each port and airport by volume in tonnes compared with value in dollars?

Explore how airports move higher value goods, how our bulk ports primarily export, and our container ports handle more imports than exports.

Loading to the aircraft Busy day at the airport. Preparation of the airplane before flight. Airport Stock Photo
Transport and logistic concept, Manager and engineer checking and control logistic network distribution and data on tablet for logistic Import export on motorway background (Transport and logistic concept, Manager and engineer checking and control log

Number of Trucks on Roads

Ever wondered which roads trucks are using?

Two different sources of road usage data provide new insights on key freight networks. Most heavy vehicle journeys are on the major highways. Explore roads of interest to you.

Container Counts

How do our container ports perform?

Container counts provide insights into Australia’s five major container ports. How many containers do our ports handle, how quickly can containers be unloaded and how many containers leave the port by road or rail? Gain an understanding of the historical trends and patterns at each port.

happy driver in front of container truck
Works of extension of a road with excavator and delimited by safety cones Works of extension of a road roadworks stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Roadworks and Road Closures

Where are roadworks occurring and where are road closures being applied along State borders due to COVID-19?

This national harmonised dataset, updated daily, shows roadworks and hazards. This dataset can be combined with other data to explore trends in road spending and safety. Analyse the national interactive map of roadworks and closures as reported by state and territory governments.

Road Condition and Expenditure

What is the condition of our roads and where is the Australian Government investing in infrastructure?

Explore an interactive map showing the condition of our roads and Australian Government expenditure on them. The Insight increases the transparency around road condition facilitating historical comparisons and Australian Government infrastructure expenditure.

Badly damaged country asphalt road after winter