Road Condition and Expenditure

Explore road condition and expenditure, including which roads have received funding for upgrades or maintenance.
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Have you ever wondered what Australia’s road conditions are, and which roads have received funding for upgrades or maintenance?  

The conditions of roads directly affect freight operations. Higher road quality means benefits in fuel consumption, tyre wear, maintenance costs and often increases travel time reliability. Understanding the roughness score of road segments gives freight managers and operators an insight into the condition of road freight routes in Australia.  

The location of road expenditure identifies road sections that have undergone significant maintenance or upgrades. These locations are chosen not only on condition, but also demand. Roads with more freight movements are often prioritised to maximise investment benefit.  

Together, these two datasets provide insight into the decision-making behind road investment, from identifying sites for improvement, to improving levels of service as a result of expenditure.

Date range: 1/01/2017 - 31/12/2018   

About the data

This interactive provides insights and greater transparency into road condition and investment using data from the Heavy Vehicle Road Reform Open Data Asset Registers. Expenditure data is updated weekly and includes all projects with Commonwealth funding.  


Only two years of road condition data is currently reported. More roads were added to the dataset by the Northern Territory and South Australia in 2018. There is no data for Victoria in 2018.


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