The NFDH is bringing together freight industry and government partners to build better freight data solutions.

We're helping our partners share and use their data securely and providing access to new data to inform strategic planning, investment and decision making.



Industry Advisory Panel

Our Industry Advisory Panel guides the NFDH's growth and development. Members have expertise in rail, ports, roads, aviation, freight logistics and businesses, as well as research, data collection and technology. Members share data, participate in pilot projects, engage in our data projects, provide feedback, test outputs and offer guidance and advice.

Advisory panel members

  • Australasian Railway Association
  • Australia Post
  • Australian Logistics Council
  • Australian Rail Track Corporation
  • Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts
  • Freight & Logistics Council WA
  • GrainCorp 
  • InfraBuild Steel
  • KPMG
  • NSW Ports
  • PwC Australia 
  • Toll Group
  • Woolworths

Data sharing partners

Our data sharing partners include volunteers from industry and governments who are working with us. Data is provided and shared under trust and, if necessary, through data sharing agreements. In some cases this is to protect personal privacy, and in other cases it is to protect commercial or sensitive business information.

outback road with signage and heavy vehicle

Truck telematics 

Industry partners are sharing truck telematics data with us through a pilot project. The shared data is helping us build a picture of the location and speed of all trucks on the road network.

We’re looking for more partners to get a clearer picture of how trucks are using the network. This will help us invest to support efficient truck movements – a win-win for government and industry.

Telematics partners

  • Toll Group

Customs data 

We're extracting, checking and improving data from the Australian Border Force Integrated Cargo System and sharing it with trusted partners. This data is being used to plan and invest in infrastructure and make better policy decisions. The Customs data project will be a long-term collaboration that will build into a rich source of information for its stakeholders.

Data provider partner

  • Home Affairs (Australian Border Force) 

Data consumer partners

  • Western Australia Department of Transport 

  • Port of Fremantle 

  • GHD on behalf of Port of Brisbane 

  • NSW Ports 

rail tracks

Rail data

Our industry partners are providing us with data for freight train movements on the inter-modal network. The shared data will help us visualise rail freight by routes and rail segments.

We’re looking for more data providers to help us fill in the missing pieces. A wholistic understanding of the role of rail in the freight network will allow the government to better support the industry with targeted investment decisions.

Rail data partners

  • Australian Rail Track Corporation

Partner with us

Partnering with us on data sharing is easy. Please Contact the NFDH team if you have any questions or are interested in learning more about how we protect sensitive information. 

The NFDH has ways to protect your sensitive or commercial information as we do for the telematics and customs datasets. The data is stored in a secure environment and we work closely with you to establish the best ways to aggregate the data (before and/or after it is shared with us) so it can inform better decisions without creating risks to the sharing organisation.