The prototype website demonstrates how the front end of the National Freight Data Hub will make data available to industry, government and others to improve the efficiency, safety, productivity and resilience of the freight sector.

Feedback and lessons learnt on the prototype will help inform the next steps on delivering a National Freight Data Hub.

Data has been provided by industry and governments: industry has provided telematics and container data to the Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics (BITRE); state and territory governments have provided truck count, road closure, road roughness and rest areas data, and the Australian Government has provided customs and road investment data, as well as Transport Certification Australia (TCA) telematics data.

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Explore new and existing freight data through interactive maps and graphs to identify trends and patterns.

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Find data using the first curated and searchable national freight data catalogue for Australia. While the initial focus is on freight data with a national coverage you can help us to improve the catalogue by nominating high-quality open datasets for future updates.

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Discover the amazing work underway to improve freight data in Australia. Explore current projects being undertaken across governments and industry and learn more about the effort it takes to collect, curate and analyse the data we need, and the gaps and limitations of the data we have.

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