CSIRO TraNSIT Dashboard

Explore the performance of Australia's freight and supply chains.
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Are you interested in understanding how Australia’s freight and supply chains are performing, domestically and internationally?

Benchmarking is a key action under the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy, and provides insights into the performance of Australian supply chains. For more information on the Strategy, visit the Freight Australia website or contact FreightStrategy@infrastructure.gov.au.

Visit the CSIRO Supply Chain Benchmarking Dashboard to view this interactive. 

For international benchmarking sector and commodity level comparisons, visit the International Benchmarking page on the Freight Australia website.

About the data

Developed by CSIRO, this interactive dashboard displays the integrated data outcomes of modelling Australia’s supply chains using the Transport Network Strategic Investment Tool (TraNSIT). The outputs provide a comprehensive set of benchmarks to assist with performance evaluation and comparison. The analysis includes modelling transport costs, modes, pathways, volumes and other key indices for various commodities.


TraNSIT is a modelling tool. Modelling output quality is dependent on the currency, completeness, accuracy, precision and granularity of the input data. See the dashboard for more information on limitations.


Please Contact the NFDH team if you have any questions or suggestions for improving this interactive. All feedback is appreciated.