Explore interactive maps, charts and graphs to get insights to inform government freight policies and research and analysis.
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Number of Trucks on Roads (Heavy Vehicle Asset Register)

Have you ever wondered which roads trucks are using? Explore roads you know, or that interest you, and the number heavy vehicles as a share of all traffic.

Roadworks and Road Closures

Explore an up-to-date national picture of roadworks and road closures, hazards, events and road conditions, drawn from state and territory open data feeds.

Harmonised Traffic Counts

Explore time series of traffic volumes and trends in heavy vehicle traffic for selected Local Government Areas (LGAs) nationally.

Freight Train Interactive Maps

Interact with maps to find out more about rail key freight routes.

Rest Area Location and Facilities

Explore truck rest area data by location of rest stops, facilities available, usage level, and time spent at stops.


Explore road route information by distance and duration at different times of the day, on different days and in different months.

Road Condition and Expenditure

Explore road condition and expenditure, including which roads have received funding for upgrades or maintenance.

Charts and Graphs

Import and Export Containerised Merchandise Projections

Investigate the past and future behaviour of trade for commodities travelling in and out of Australia.

Freight Train Movement Analytics

Explore the different types of freight train movements through charts in an interactive dashboard.

Container Counts

Explore container movements through ports, including how fast they are unloaded, how many leave via road or rail, and historical trends.

Freight Performance Dashboard

Explore freight performance across time and modes of transport.

Volume versus Value

Explore and compare freight by volume and value across airports and ports.

CSIRO TraNSIT Dashboard

Explore the performance of Australia's freight and supply chains.

Imports and Exports

Explore customs data for imports and exports by origin and destination, country and region, volume and value, and mode of transport.