Share data

If you work in the freight industry, your freight data can help industry and governments make better decisions. 

By securely sharing data with the NFDH, you can improve outcomes and gain valuable insights for your business or department. Better freight data will improve government investment decisions and boost productivity across the freight system. Contact us if you are interested in getting involved or want to know more about sharing data. 


Who should get involved 

Industry, and federal, state and local governments can benefit from partnering with the NFDH on 2-way data sharing. 

How it works

Data sharing is a 5 step process: 1 develop partnerships; 2 store and standardise the data; 3 curate, link and analyse the data; 4 share the data through this website; and 5 use the data to find valuable insights.
Aeroplane showing cargo loading

High priority data

We need the following data to inform long-term infrastructure investment programs and targeted resilience planning:

High priority data includes data on freight delivery and collection locations; truck telematics; road data; and supply chain traceability.

*Telematics is GPS monitoring that plots movement.