International Supply Chain Benchmarking

The International supply chain benchmarking project is a key Commonwealth action under the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy. Comparing the movement of commodities, domestically and internationally, helps to identify areas for potential improvement or investment, to support Australia’s competitiveness and resilience.

The project addresses the identified need to integrate freight and supply chain performance information, across regions and against international benchmarks. This need was highlighted in the industry-led Inquiry into National Freight and Supply Chain Priorities (2017), which recommended benchmarking key supply chain performance against international competitors as a priority action.

The project aims to evaluate Australia’s supply chain transport and logistics performance, using comprehensive data, modelling, and analysis, providing a shared evidence base to industry, research, community, and public sector stakeholders. This will help support:

  • informed strategic policy and planning, investment and regulation,
  • understanding of Australia’s efficiency and international competitiveness, and
  • collaboration on priorities, challenges or key areas of interest, using benchmarking as a foundation for informed exploration.

Access the benchmarking insights

Visit the project page on Freight Australia to access:

  • the supply chain benchmarking dashboard,
  • sectoral and commodity level international benchmarking assessments, and
  • further information about the project.


For further information contact: