National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy Reporting

This project aims to improve the timeliness and coverage of the key performance indicators (KPIs) used to measure progress under the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy by:

  1. Refining the Strategy Performance Framework, which includes KPIs and a dashboard, to provide a clearer line of sight from the KPIs to the Strategy's outcomes and outputs.
  2. Identifying where there are gaps in measuring quantitative progress against the Strategy.
  3. Identifying new KPIs and associated data that can fill these gaps and adding them to the dashboard or other reporting.

This project addresses enduring questions 1-3, 5, 7 and 10.

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More timely and comprehensive quantitative reporting of progress of the Strategy will help government and industry measure whether the Strategy is on track to lift Australia's freight performance and efficiency.

Initial planned outputs

  1. Draft Performance Framework co-designed with states and territories to link existing and proposed KPIs to the Strategy's outcomes and outputs and identifying KPI gaps.
  2. Updated data in the Freight Performance Dashboard to add a new freight cost index and public expenditure on infrastructure construction.
  3. Updated Performance Framework, endorsed by the Australian Transport Data Action Network (ATDAN) and industry stakeholders. To include a table mapping existing KPIs to outcomes/outputs, identifying gaps where additional or changed KPIs are needed for the Freight Performance Dashboard, and how and when the data to support those new KPIs will be accessed and added to the dashboard.
  4. Redesign of Freight Performance Dashboard with stronger line of sight to Strategy outcomes, outputs and KPIs.

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